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We look forward receiving your call or inquiry for any further information you need about our trampolines. If you purchased your trampoline somewhere else but need spare parts, you can also ask us and we will check if we have anything suitable. We have been many years in the business and won’t give any wrong advise or just try to sell you whatever. Our best best reference are our customers so if you need any reference, just let us know where you live and we will send you their contact details. We got nothing to hide! If still not convinced just drop by and have a look for yourself. Our trampoline warehouse and office are conveniently located on:

34/1 Kumklao Soi 24
Lamplatiew, Latkrabang
Bangkok 10520

Office hours: Mon-Fri 08:30 – 17:00

Tel: 02 060 2662
LINE: hbecthailand

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Just give us a call during office hours if you need further information. Our office is closed in the weekends but we make exceptions if you come from up-country. In that case call us in advance to check if we are available and we will be happy to help out if possible. TrampolineBangkok and TrampolineThailand are subsidiaries of HBEC Thailand Limited Partnership

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