Trampoline Bangkok and how it all started

Thank you for visiting Trampoline We started importing trampolines about 6 years ago. We originally had no intention to do this as a business. We managed however to sell out the first lot of 50 trampolines within 6 weeks. So we decided to develop this further and created

We noticed some issues with the first lot due to high UV exposure in Thailand, extended periods of high humidity so we got these issues solved with the 2nd lot that came in. All our blue trampolines now come in 2-sided pvc springpad, we have a zipper free safety net (the only one in Thailand)


and safety poles that no longer require tools and bolts to be attached to the the trampoline frame (you will save at least half an hour time on assembling compared to any other trampoline).

trampoline bangkok

To make it even easier for you, we have have produced a 4 and a half minute video and posted it on YouTube how to assemble our trampoline. Every step of the process and just watch it relaxed before you start assembling it and really it can’t get much easier then this.

Our company now offers 2 types of service:  with a cash& carry handling (no deliveries only ex warehouse)    or  with delivery (location to be specified) up to your front door within 2-4 days with Nim Express delivery after receiving the payment, delivered almost anywhere in Thailand

If you decide to go for the cash&carry, just make sure you either use a pick-up truck (either a 2 or 4 doors version fits) or a SUV with flat foldable backseats to collect your trampoline from our warehouse.


Please check out the trampolines by clicking here